Funding Developments

Recent Funding Developments
Submitted by: Ellen Burns

Dr. Robert H. Brown, Jr., Director of the Day Neuromuscular Laboratory, is pleased to report that he has found a source of funding for the next year in the amount of approximately $50,000. This will supplement the 2-year Muscular Dystrophy Association grant ($35,000/year) that Dr. Khemissa Bejaoui obtained last year. This will keep the project intact for another year while the Lab continues to look for federal support. Funds from the Deater Foundation, Inc. continue to “prime the pump,” providing starter funds that encourage other donors.

Dr. Brown points out that the mutations were first found two years ago this August, and the papers announcing the discovery have been out about a year. He says, “Clearly, we are miles ahead of where we were two years ago. Hopefully, we can use the present information to generate the critical animal and petri dish models that will let us begin significant therapeutic studies.” Our goal remains to find a treatment for HSN I to benefit those with the disease today, and to prevent the disease in future generations.

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Grandma’s Diary (Winter 1945)

Excerpts from Grandma’s Diary (Winter in the Stull)
Submitted by: Beulah Womer

January 16, 1945–It was snowing awful hard this morning, but the bus came and the children went to school; but at 1:20 they were all home again as it was snowing and blowing so hard that school let out at one o’clock. I had done up the work all but beds, so I baked a cake and worked the butter. Verna helped Alvin start the Delco. We had an early supper, made snow ice cream and read.

February 6, 1945–Verna has a cold and didn’t go to school today; so I washed and she hung them up. Although cold in the morning, it got real warm…the warmest day for some time and a swell wash day. We washed one double blanket and every thing dried, but Verna had to wade snow to her crotch to hang some of them up, and Martha took them down.

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