Six Months Left

When I was asked to put together a quick article on my experience with the trial, I wasn’t really sure what to say. But I will give it a shot anyway. For the past 18 months, I have made numerous trips to Boston to participate in the two-year trial with the Serine supplement. I have become quite familiar with the process to get to and from the airport and the hospital on each end. The folks that are coordinating all of the Study do a great job getting all of our travel and visits scheduled out.

Since I have lived in Florida for the last eight years, going to Boston in November 2013 was a bit interesting. I had not experienced winter in seven years, and there were even some snow flurries to welcome my first visit. I don’t own a winter coat, so I am always the crazy looking person in the airport that isn’t dressed for the occasion.

The study itself is actually quite simple. I get to take this Serine supplement three times a day, that doesn’t really taste so great, but all in all a little bit of bad taste for the potential to stop or

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In Memorium: Larry Deater

larry_roryLarry Michael Deater died February 19, 2015 at his home in Kittery Point, Maine following a brief bout with cancer.  The sone of Harvey Deater and Charlotte Thompson, he was 59 years old.  He graduated from the University of New Hampshire witha  BA and MA in Education. Larry worked in the hospitality industry for many years. He managed several restaurants in Portsmouth, NH, and owned several restaurants in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Privateer restarant in york Beach. Larry was active in local politics.

Larry was also a gifted teacher of life skills to teenagers with special needs, history to middle-schoolers and at Hesser College, and physicians about HSAN1. All of his adult life Larry coped with HSAN1 with dignity and grace. He fiercely maintained his independence, positive outlook, and sense of humor while participating in numerous research trials, and served on the Deater Foundation board to find a cause and cure for HSAN1.  His final selfless act was to offer his body for research.  His wife, Rory Robb, requested contributions to the Deater Foundation in his memory.

At Larry’s service Dr. Brown said, “Larry had an extraordinary and indelible impact and influence on a small army of physicians and scientists.  

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