Dr. Khemissa Bejaoui

Khemissa Bejaoui, Ph.D., will leave the Day Neuromuscular Laboratory this June. She has been associated with the Lab for almost 13 years, since coming from Tunisia to complete her post-doctoral studies. For a decade she has worked tirelessly on the Deater Disease project.

Dr. Bejaoui has been deeply committed to her research, spending long hours “on the bench” and in researching historical reports and the latest developments in genetics. She has developed strong collaborative working relationships with other researchers in varied fields from around the world. She is well respected for her expertise, and she has continually increased her knowledge in areas related to her primary research. She is absolutely scrupulous in her work ethic, practicing good science and validating results.

The Deater Foundation has been honored to support Dr. Bejaoui with modest grants over the years. She, in turn, has been innovative in seeking other funding. She has taken the initiative to seek out other researchers from whom she can learn, and who can offer other insights from parallel or tangential studies. Her ability to explain very technical information in a clear and concise way has successfully informed the Deater Foundation Board and family over the years. Her kind understanding and her willingness to travel to the reunions have made us think of her (and Paul) as part of the family.

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