In Memory: Verna Ruth (Deater) Adams

  • verna1Born November 30, 1928
  • Daughter of Alvin and Ellen Deater Alvin and Ellen Deater
  • Married Lloyd Henry Adams
  • 1 Son: Lloyd Russell Adams L
  • 3 Daughters:
    • Carol Ann Dorward
    • Nancy Jean Newcomer
    • Louise Irene Hess
  • 10 Grandchildren
  • 8 Great Grandchildren

Memories of Mom: “She’s a Tough Act to Follow”
Submitted By: Louise Adams Hess
Three things I’ll always remember about my Mom: Her kind heart and love of God; her love for family; and her love of laughter.

verna2One day when I was little (age 4 or 5), a “bum” came to our back porch door and asked for work. I had never see a “bum” before, and so I watched carefully from the comfort of the nearby grass as Mom told him she didn’t have any work for him but asked if he was hungry; then she brought him a bowl of corned beef and cabbage and some bread. He ate it hungrily as mom talked to him about God. It wasn’t long after that when I observed my mom as she knelt at a chair in our front room. She cried and prayed there often. I wanted to know more about this praying and talking to God, so I tapped her on the shoulder to ask.

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