Fighting HSAN1 in 2022

The Deater Foundation supported the research at Massachusetts General Hospital that confirmed the genetic defect associated with HSAN1 in 2000. 10 years later the Deater Foundation supported a pilot study and then a larger double blinded study to test the efficacy of L-serine supplementation as a therapy for HSAN1.

Since 2008 the Deater Foundation has funded symposiums every 2-4 years bringing together international experts in various specialties to discuss new findings and build collaboration in HSAN1 research.

We invite you to explore the website and if you have HSAN1, to join the registry at the University of Massachusetts. Your registration is not a commitment; it will give you the option to be notified of any opportunity to be involved in future research for a treatment or cure.

Through the website, Facebook page, and annual newsletter the Deater Foundation provides education, information, and support to a wide fellowship of people with HSAN1 and the people who care about them.

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