Honoring: Mona Deater Montross

A Tribute to My Mom
Submitted by Carl (Butch) Montross, Jr.

mona2DFI Many of you know about my mother’s leadership qualities, but I suspect that some of you are not aware of her role as a prankster. April first is one of her favorite holidays. Beware if she ever offers you a sandwich or a piece of layer cake. The waxed paper is easier to get rid of than the white thread, disguised with some innocent icing or margarine, or even peanut butter.

Going in town, shopping with my mother, was often embarrassing when I was a teenager. She would love to wolf whistle at girls on the street, then quickly peer into a store window while I stood there looking guilty and embarrassed!

At age 16 or 17, driving around Harvey’s Lake in the summer could also be an adventure, with Mom in the car. She would reach over from the passenger seat and blow the horn at girls on the docks as we drove by; very surreptitiously, I might add.

Mom has been known to eat freshly baked pies at her sister’s house when no one was home. I have even seen her chase my Dad and Uncle Tommy around the orchard with Tommy’s Jeep.

The Deater Reunion is surely one of Mom’s favorite family activities. She always used to make sure that all newcomers felt welcome. They were quickly introduced to the “Fly” family.

Times were not always rosy, but my Mom is tougher than the toughest of times. Her attitude is positive and her character is strong, as is her faith.

I am very, very proud of my mother and I am honored to be her son.



A Poem to Celebrate Mona
Submitted by Linda Montross

mona1Mother of Butch, Becky and Cindy
One-of-a-kind (that’s what the name Mona means!)
Never misses the Deater Reunion
Always where the action is

Dedicated, praying Christian
Enjoys visiting and being with people
Awesome cook
Ten great-grandchildren
Eighty-four years on June 13, 2007
Ready to help those in need

Married to Carl Montross on October 6, 1940
Open to new-fangled ideas—remember the Radar Range?
Nine Grandchildren: Brian, Brenda, Anita, Heidi, Scott, Naomi, Jennifer, Pam, R.J.
Tells interesting stories of growing up in Stull and Noxen
Really loved and appreciated by her kids and grandkids
“Open door, open heart” is her policy
Studies the Bible and loves to share it
Seventh child of Alvin and Ellen Deater

—With love from your daughter-in-law, Linda