Grandma’s Diary (1945)

Excerpts from Grandma’s Diary (Easter Weekend, 1945)
Submitted by: Beulah Womer

March 31–We killed 5 checkens and have them all ready to put over to cook. We cooked for dinner and for supper. Junee, Bob, and everyone was here for supper. After supper we died eggs and fixed baskets; then Isabel, Lynn and Lynn E. went up with June and Bob for the night. Tom and Lois and boys went to Berwick right after supper.

April 1–Henrietta fixed up some April fool eggs and caught a lot of them. We had 20 for breakfast this morning and 25 for dinner. Carl Jr. is not well yet but played pretty good and Mona didn’t feel so good this afternoon, but all seemed to have a pretty good time. Mona called at Montrosses a few minutes this afternoon. Tom and Lois not back in time for dinner. Bob and June took Russell to the bus. Edith came with a boyfriend for her and Helen and they went back to Elmira together. *April Fool eggs were deviled eggs (with hot pepper concealed in the center).

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