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Local School Bus Driver Suffers Minor Burns
(Interesting “Old News”)

alvin_deaterAlvin Deater had a narrow escape from serious injury Monday morning when a can of motor oil exploded in his hands and set his house on fire.  Mr. Deater, who drives a school bus, was heating the motor oil in a large can on the back of the kitchen stove, in preparation to start the bus on its morning run. The oil caught fire and Mr. Deater grasped the can in his hands and rushed for the door. As he reached the porch, the can exploded, scattering burning oil over the porch and sides of the house. The flames soon began to eat their way through the siding of the house and it was with considerable difficulty that they were extinguished. Aside from slight hand burns, Mr. Deater was uninjured.

*Reprinted with permission from The Dallas Post “Only Yesterday” Column
(February 14, 1930)

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