In Memory: Henrietta Deater Rudolph

henriettaHenrietta Deater Rudolph 

  • 6th child of Alvin & Ellen (Wilson)
  • January 26, 1917 to June 16, 1993
  • Married Donald James Rudolph
  • Son – Donald A. (Married Evelyn Smallwood)
  • Son – Jerry A. (Married Judy London)
  • Daughter – Betty Lou (Married Dale L. Jorden)
  • 5 Grandchildren
  • 5 Great-grandchildren

“In Memory Of” Henrietta Deater Rudolph
Submitted by: Betty Lou Rudolph Jorden
When asked, “How do you remember your Mother?” Jerry Rudolph responded with a statement so simple, yet profound— “You and I may not remember her the same.” So, I ask you now, “How do you remember her?”

  • T
    he daughter, sister, wife, or mother, who held high the banner of her heritage
  • The spiritual leader and mentor of many
  • The neighborhood parent, willing to stop work and go for a swim or play ball with the kids
  • The hostess with an open door
  • The chef with a table full of home made delicacies and occasional “mystery meat”
  • The cook, who could turn egg sandwiches and hot chocolate into a feast for a gang of young people
  • The green thumb lady, who used her flowers to brighten the lives of the sick and elderly
  • The rosy-cheeked marksman, who loved tromping through the woods, or silently fishing a beautiful lake, tuned to every sight and sound of nature
  • The learner, who graduated valedictorian of her class—age 65
  • The community support person for “Life Line,” who simply “made” time to visit
  • The visionary, who saw potential, and taught a deaf person to drive, thus providing independence for two
  • The friend and counselor with an expert’s ear for listening, and a heart looking for the good in all
  • The champion, who finished the race on earth with the same courage that she faced her challenges in life

He was so right, you know.

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