Deater Genealogy

Deater Genealogy
Submitted By: Larry Deater [Son of Harvey Deater, Grandson of Alvin Deater]

In 1884, twenty years old Thomas Deiter of Buck Township, Luzerne County, PA, married young Henrietta Anthony. They may have been married by the Justice of the Peace from Stoudertsville…who, several years earlier, performed the marriage of Thomas’ older brother William, and Lucy Andrews.

Thomas and Henrietta (Etta) had six children: Alvin (1884- 1953), Charles (1886-1919), David (1889-1957), Anna (1891- 1960), Mae (1894-?), and Alice (1905-?). By 1900, the family had moved to Lake Township in Luzerne County where Thomas earned his living as a day laborer.

Alvin married Lydia Ellen Wilson, and they settled down in Lake Township to start their own family, eventually having twelve children. Ellen is given credit for codifying the spelling of the name DEATER. Sometime between 1910 and 1920, the family moved to Market Street in Noxen Township, Wyoming County, where Alvin started a butcher shop….And to this day, Alvin and Ellen’s offspring celebrate our family with an annual reunion not too far from that old butcher shop.

I have been doing genealogy research on the family for some time now and the going has been slow but rewarding. If anyone has anything to share, I would be thrilled.

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