1937 Letter from Harvey

Of Interest…“A 1937 Letter from Harvey Deater”
Submitted by: Beulah Womer

Thursday Nite
Nov. 18

Dear Folks:

We came in the hospital yesterday about nine o’clock but it was eleven before we were admitted. We missed out on dinner but were xrayed from our chest and had supper. They feed swell here.

Lights out at nine PM then they get us up at 4 in the morning we wash up then wait until seven for breakfast, dinner at 11 & supper at 5.

Today they took three blood tests, a urine test and this afternoon they photographed our feet seperatley (sic) and together.

The Dr. that is Rugh(?) was in this afternoon and he knows practically everything about the disease but he does not know what causes it or how to cure it.

He said if we stayed off our feet completely it would heal up, but the first time we walked far on them they would be sore again. He does not want to heal them that way so we are allowed to walk around. They gave us pyjammies (sic) and a robe and we have our shoes.

Tomorrow we have another xray head and all a complete body xray.

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