DFI Overview

An Overview of the Foundation
Submitted July 2005 by: Carol Dorward, President

Since its origin in 1990, funding research to find a treatment and/or a cure for HSN-1 has been the primary goal of Deater Foundation, Inc. In only 15 years, we have witnessed research success with the identification, in 2001, of the diseased gene. Family members can now choose to be tested (via a blood sample) to determine whether or not they carry the defective gene. And now we look forward to research news regarding treatments for complications of the disease and/or pro-active methods of preventing the onset or progress of the disease in affected family members.

Thankfully, over the years, we have had the interest and support of significant individuals in the medical profession—all of whom have been directly responsible for the success of the research which benefits our family. We are grateful for all who have helped us.

We appreciate, too, our own family and friends who have faithfully supported the research with prayer and finances. It is incredible to think that more than $216,000 has been donated to The Foundation over the past 15 years. As a result of the contributions (and interest), The Foundation has been able to support the research with more than $180,000 in that same span of time.

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