The Deater Foundation

The Deater Foundation
Submitted by Ellen Burns, Medical Liaison

The Deater Foundation, from its inception, has provided financial support for the Day Laboratory for Neuromuscular Research. The Foundation has a contract with the Lab for ongoing support. In most recent years, the Foundation has sent $8,000 each year after receiving a report of current work on HSN-1, the “Deater disease.”

The money donated by the Deater Foundation, that is, the money donated by members and friends of the Deater Family, has often been “seed money” around which the researchers have sought other grants for substantially more money.

An article, with Alexander McCampbell as primary author, in Volume 14, Number 22, Pages 3507-3521, was published in the fall of 2005. “Mutant SPTLC1 Dominantly Inhibits Serine Palmitoyltransferase Activity in vivo and Confers an Age-Dependent Neuropathy” includes under Acknowledgements: “This work was supported by NIH grant 5RO1NS047717- 02, the Deater Foundation, and the National Institute on Aging Intramural Research Program. Additional support for A.M. was provided by NINDS Fellowship F32 NS044695-03. The Day Neuromuscular Research Laboratory receives generous support from the Cecil B. Day Company.”

The equipment in the laboratory is amazingly expensive; the staff, the lights and heat all cost money. Our contributions make a small impact on these costs, but, together with other grants, provide significant support.

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