GuideStar Achievement

Image result for guidestar platinum sealDFI is now a Platinum level GuideStar participant!

If you’ve never heard of GuideStar before, it’s a widely recognized company that gathers and reports information about every IRS-registered nonprofit organization, with the goal of encouraging charitable giving and helping potential donors make better decisions. Other companies and donors look to GuideStar to provide easily accessible info on 501(c)(3) charities…and DFI just completed the highest level of profile transparency available to achieve!

This means that if you know of anyone (employers, friends, or others looking to possibly donate) that might have any questions about our Foundation (our mission, legitimacy, impact, reputation, finances, programs, governance, etc.), you can direct them to GuideStar where they can review information on Deater Foundation Inc., and even donate right from there as well!

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