Six Months Left

When I was asked to put together a quick article on my experience with the trial, I wasn’t really sure what to say. But I will give it a shot anyway. For the past 18 months, I have made numerous trips to Boston to participate in the two-year trial with the Serine supplement. I have become quite familiar with the process to get to and from the airport and the hospital on each end. The folks that are coordinating all of the Study do a great job getting all of our travel and visits scheduled out.

Since I have lived in Florida for the last eight years, going to Boston in November 2013 was a bit interesting. I had not experienced winter in seven years, and there were even some snow flurries to welcome my first visit. I don’t own a winter coat, so I am always the crazy looking person in the airport that isn’t dressed for the occasion.

The study itself is actually quite simple. I get to take this Serine supplement three times a day, that doesn’t really taste so great, but all in all a little bit of bad taste for the potential to stop or reverse any effects of HSAN1 are well worth it.

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