Helping Hands

Eric Newcomer, DFI President

One of the aspects of the Deater Foundation that I am the proudest of is that we provide a platform where everyone can relate to HSAN1. Whether it be researchers, students, donors, family, affected and non-affected, involved or just interested, our website is a place where we all can share success, break-through’s, difficulties, ideas and even find information to share with our own doctor’s. For those who might not know, this disease affects its’ victims in their own way, for some it is their feet and legs, others their hands, still others their eyes, but each person has to deal with the symptoms in their own way. 

Surgical Option for Finger Contractures 

In the 2019 DFI newsletter there was an article about how Paul Clemow was happy to report that an “FDS to FDP” transfer was helping him regain flexibility in his fingers. I printed a few copies of that article and took off to find an option for myself. Over the years my finger contractures progressed slowly, and I was able to adapt the use of my hands slowly, too, to match the changes that occurred, and I was able to work through it. The danger was that in the crevices of my fingers the skin was soft and would tear easily.

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