In Tribute: Beulah (Deater) Womer

  • Born May 18, 1933  (the 12th child of Alvin and Ellen Deater)
  • Married Married Elwood Wayne Womer on October 14, 1951
  • They had two children: Richard Wayne Womer Alvin Elwood Womer

A Tribute by Rev. Rick Womer

bootWhen I think of my mom and how I will remember her (as well as how I am certain she would like to be remembered) it would begin with happiness. She saw the potential of good or enjoyment in nearly every situation we confronted, be it in our lives or the lives of friends and relatives. It made for a forgiving atmosphere as well as one that overlooked faults. We laughed a lot, at the simplest of things and many times at more serious happenstances that passed over the great danger point. (You can ask her about the time when I was learning to drive and fell out of the door turning a corner to fast. Ha, ha, ha, she will laugh!) Growing up with that influence I never considered our family disease a curse or blessing, but a challenge to be reckoned with. This was very much the same as other challenges she encouraged me (and many of you, too) to face.

Music was an integral part of her life. It was one of her spiritual connections to God; it gave way for a camaraderie of family gatherings and became an encouragement for others to use one’s talents. Music was for fun, fellowship, celebration, recovery, reflection, honor and especially worship.

Lastly, I honor her spiritual dedication toward prayer and the Word of God (the Bible). She still looks for what God wants, to teach her, change in her, and to better minister encouragement to others. I am still very moved by a scene that was repeated many times of mom in prayer as she was working around the house (for some reason especially while she was doing dishes) and becoming greatly burdened and would go to find a place to kneel in prayerful intercession. [Many of us were (and still are) the recipients of those prayers, and we may exist because of them.] If I can live like this example my mom set, I will not only be blessed, but I will be a blessing to others as well. Thank you mom!

A Tribute to Gram Womer
Submitted by: Trisha Womer

Everyone admires a grandmother for her cooking.
Smells of baked goods always fill her home.
Though for mine; that’s nothing.
She has a personality of her own.

A God fearing woman from the time she was young,
And a faithful grandmother to me when I was born.
She knows life can be hard and very fun.
I know she is thankful for the sun every morn.

My grandmother is someone I admire.
She knows how to laugh, love, and live.
I won’t forget her humor,
Nor the many spirits she could lift.

There are many memories I have of my grandmother. I am pleased to recall them to write her a tribute, but one thing in particular stood out to me. She wasn’t one to spoil her grandchildren rotten; rather she taught us many good lessons. Another thing is that she always trusted in God. That faith is something that I believe will be a memory the rest of my life. I love my grandmother, and every memory I have of her.

Grandma’s Tribute
Submitted by: Melissa Womer Wilbanks

My Grandma . . . Christmas cookies! The best molasses cookies in the world! Chocolate cake with white icing—homemade! “Maneggs” [mayonnaise] and sugar sandwiches! Cheese! (Thus my nick- name—Missy Mouse.) The “trying to get me to be quiet” games! Swimming in the “crick”! Going for walks! D.V.B.S. Sunday School! Playing the piano and keyboard (despite any handicap)! Singing church songs and silly songs! Whistling! Bible verses! Family, visiting family, reunions! Games, cards, Sorry, Dominoes! Prayer! Provision! Blessing!

So many wonderful memories and amazingly respectable attributes to be able to sum up in this little slot. She has been through and seen some really intense situations and times. She has endured hardships that would break down and crush many of the strongest men, women, and Christians. Her understanding that no matter the horribleness of the situation you have to keep reaching for God’s hope until you can get a hold on it again. She lets God’s hope so thrive in her that her positive attitude makes most pale in comparison.

Now, being married and understanding the whole “becoming one flesh” concept, my grandma and grandpa together have been such a strong influence in my life and my family’s lives. The testimony of their lives, standing strong for each other and with each other, and working together to get things accomplished have provided us valuable lessons in how to live our lives. Their prayers for us, their encouraging conversations with us, and their help, provision and blessing on us have inspired us greatly.

Grandma and Grandpa, we pray for God’s continued blessing on and in your lives! We love you!

Shane, Melissa, Gabriel, Kara, and Chloe Wilbank

A Tribute to Gram Womer
Submitted by: Patrick Womer

My Grandma is special to me because of the love and care she has given me all my life. She has shown me God’s love and the blessings of family. Her joy has always been uplifting, and the passion she has for her family and God is an inspiration to us all!