In Tribute: Beulah (Deater) Womer

  • Born May 18, 1933  (the 12th child of Alvin and Ellen Deater)
  • Married Married Elwood Wayne Womer on October 14, 1951
  • They had two children: Richard Wayne Womer Alvin Elwood Womer

A Tribute by Rev. Rick Womer

bootWhen I think of my mom and how I will remember her (as well as how I am certain she would like to be remembered) it would begin with happiness. She saw the potential of good or enjoyment in nearly every situation we confronted, be it in our lives or the lives of friends and relatives. It made for a forgiving atmosphere as well as one that overlooked faults. We laughed a lot, at the simplest of things and many times at more serious happenstances that passed over the great danger point. (You can ask her about the time when I was learning to drive and fell out of the door turning a corner to fast. Ha, ha, ha, she will laugh!) Growing up with that influence I never considered our family disease a curse or blessing, but a challenge to be reckoned with. This was very much the same as other challenges she encouraged me (and many of you, too) to face.

Music was an integral part of her life.

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