HSAN1 Conference 2010

HSAN1 Conference 2010
Submitted by: Ellen Deater Burns, Medical Liaison

The Deater Foundation contributed $10,000 to a newly established Deater Foundation Fund at the University of Massachusetts, Worcester Campus, where the Medical School is located. This money was used to fund the meeting on Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy—Type 1 (HSAN1) held in February in Boston.

The evening prior to the meeting the participants gathered at the Sonesta Hotel for dinner and conversation. Dr. Florian Eichler had recently returned from the Gordon Research Conference on Sphingolipids held this year in Ventura, California. He reported that during the conference there were at least 3 presentations on HSAN1 and at least 4 poster presentations. Dr. Eichler had the opportunity to meet Dr. Walter Holleran, a pharmacist from the VA Hospital in San Francisco, who is known to the Deater family from skin sample testing he conducted on many family members, along with Dr. Fluhr, a dermatologist from Germany, several years ago. Dr. Eichler said Dr. Holleran continues to be interested in the Deater family, and he will contact Dr. Holleran again.

Larry Deater and Rory Robb, Eric and Cindy Newcomer, and Ellen Deater Burns attended the dinner, where the conversation was lively with discussions of cellular biology and physical symptoms of the disease.

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