Hand Controls

Miracle of Hand Controls

Chris Deater Christensen shared with us recently the following account of her miracle. She wrote: “Through a friend of a friend of mine here in Colorado, I am now the proud owner of hand controls on my car. I had been pricing hand controls for about a year and was having trouble deciding if I could justify the cost. Amazingly, out of the blue my friend calls and says this friend of hers, Janet Desgalier, no longer drives and wonders if she knows anyone that can use the hand controls on her car. This was like a miracle to me. Then came the question of who could take them out of one car and install them into my car without great cost or the inconvenience of leaving my car for more than a day somewhere. Here comes my second miracle, Dave Bartholomew. He and Joan were living about two hours south of Longmont at that time. They drove up to Longmont, and in a few hours on a cold Saturday before Christmas, he had the transformation completed. The kindness of all of the people involved in this adventure has made life so much easier for me. With the use of the hand controls, I can drive anywhere with confidence.

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